DRIcore® Subfloor is a patented moisture barrier that keeps your family warm and dry. The simple, do-it-yourself solution insulates your basement, protecting furniture, flooring and electronics from potential damage. DRIcore® Subfloor also promotes indoor air quality by allowing your concrete to breathe, reducing the potential for mould and mildew.


DRIcore® Subfloor R+ combines high density Oriented Strand Board (OSB) and Extruded Polystyrene (XPS). With an R-Value of 3, DRIcore® Subfloor R+ raises the temperature of finished flooring by up to 5.6° C / 10.6° F. Enjoy a warm, comfortable basement for years to come! XPS' closed-cell structure resists moisture and maintains R-value.


Finishing your basement walls has never been this easy. DRIcore SMARTWALL® is the easiest and smartest way to finish your basement walls. The all-in-one engineered wall panel requires fewer steps, less time and less labour to finish your basement. Get the job done 5x faster compared to conventional framing and finishing methods.