The Solution for Subfloors Over Concrete

DRIcore started in the mid-1990s when Bob Smith, a then Kruger employee, had a basement moisture problem. To prevent future moisture and mold contamination in his home, Bob began researching for solutions to control moisture leaks in his basement. Bob quickly determined that very few inexpensive and viable solutions existed.

As a former contractor, Smith knew that installing a subfloor over his damp, cold concrete floor would work well as a barrier between the moist concrete and his finished floor and walls, except that the traditional subfloor method caused more problems than he anticipated. The 2X4's, 4' x 8' sheets of plywood, fasteners and slippery sheets of vapor barrier were awkward and time consuming to install. Plus he realized that the vapour barrier trapped the moisture between the subfloor and concrete causing pooling water, rotting concrete and mold.

He envisioned a much better solution, a way to marry two proven industry technologies into one great subfloor system and DRIcore, the revolutionary subfloor system.

DRIcore is a floating subfloor made with a raised high density polyethylene moisture barrier base bonded to an engineered core designed to allow air to flow underneath the subfloor system keeping floors warm and dry.

DRIcore's engineered panels interlock easily, requiring no fastening or gluing. DRIcore panels are ideal for use over concrete as their structural characteristics allow for uniform expansion and contraction of the panels with changes in temperature and humidity. The raised high density polyethylene cleats underneath the panels keep the wood core from coming into contact with the concrete, preventing long term moisture exposure, creating an air space that allows air to circulate to dry up incidental moisture. The airspace also functions as a layer of insulation between the cold, hard concrete and the finish floor.

DRIcore came to market in July 2001, and initially was sold through Home Depot stores in Canada. Distribution in the United States has been steadily expanding since late 2001. A Canadian patent was granted in May of 2003 and a U.S. patent was granted July 2005. In just a few years' time, thousands of homeowners have installed DRIcore in their basements as the solution to cold, damp concrete floors.